The Importance of an Encouraging and Supportive Community

I said Yes to GS after I visited during the annual Celebration for Accepted Students. Walking around campus, everyone I passed greeted me warmly, with a smile and a wave. The community was so welcoming and friendly. When I got lost on the way to one of the classes and asked for directions, a student told me where to go, but then went even further and walked me there herself. The teachers were so engaging, and I could tell that they truly enjoyed teaching their classes.

Now that I am at George School, all of these things remain true for my time here, and my list of reasons has only expanded. The community is one that really cares about and supports each other, and we all want to see each other succeed. George School is a place that promotes the holistic development of the student. Our lives outside of the classroom are just as important as inside of it. It is a place where I have been encouraged to explore and discover new passions.

Phoenix is a boarding student from Kingston Jamaica, a prefect, and a tour guide.

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