Aidan Sheehan ’21 Starts Project Re-Stock

This August, Aidan Sheehan ’21 started Project Re-stock, an initiative to help replenish local food pantries. As a resident of Langhorne, Pennsylvania, he wanted to give back to his community by focusing on helping local foodbanks. Aidan explained that he wanted to get involved because the food pantries were especially in need of donations due to the pandemic.

Aidan’s project helped to deliver over 1,000 pounds of non-perishable food to the Penndel Food Pantry, operated by the Bucks County Housing Group. Not only has the project helped the lives of others, it has also been a source of optimism for Aidan. He reflected that “it felt good to know that the people in my community were so eager to help and donate. Overall, I just felt happier knowing that my community came together in such a time of division to help people who need it. It is good to know that my project will feed people who don’t know what their next meal is.”

Trish Rowen from the Penndel Food Pantry praised Aidan’s efforts. “Aidan’s Project shows initiative, compassion, and a demonstrated understanding of the impact that COVID-19 is having on our community. We applaud him for his efforts and are grateful for his support of the BCHG mission.”

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