All School Art Show Exhibit

This painting by Aisha Turner '20 will be on display in Walton Center as part of the All School Art Show.

George School’s All School Art Show will be on display across campus from Monday, May 6 through Friday, May 24, 2019. Gallery talks and receptions will take place on Monday, May 6 from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. in Marshall Center, Main, Walton Center Gallery, and the Class of 1956 Gallery in Mollie Dodd Anderson Library.

“I feel very proud of the work produced in all of our classes,” said Director of the Visual Arts and Design program Danielle Picard-Sheehan. “Our students are taught by passionate artists and dedicated teachers. I feel very fortunate to work at a school that values art and recognizes its importance in the overall curriculum.”

Nora Greer ’19 is looking forward to seeing the diverse and skilled artwork that reflects the student body and individual artists. She will be showing her IB exhibit Sense of Place during the show. “It is a chandelier-like installation of my images inspired by my sculpture and photography assignment,” said Nora. “It features many different countries like the US, Canada, Grenada, Japan, and Rwanda. It is so great to share my art with the GS community because so many people are knowledgeable and care about art, and what the students produce and create.”

Ryan Doyle ’19 will be sharing his walnut table with epoxy in the center at the show. “I am excited for people to see the table I have created,” said Ryan, who spent hours researching and planning his project with woodworking teacher Carter Sio ’76. “It took me two terms to create and was a learning experience. It was the first time in George School’s history that epoxy has been used in a woodworking project.”

Alice Ke ’19, a senior IB Painting and Drawing student, will be showcasing her piece The Last Vegetarian Supper. “The piece depicts a parody of the traditionally well-known piece The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci,” said Alice. “I’ve used my art to showcase humor and its impacts on society. In our chaotic, fast paced world, humor is the only relief we get, and is often a medium that is used to showcase issues that are otherwise difficult to speak about. I always hope that through my work people find joy.”

Camille Drury ’19 is excited to see the progression of students’ pieces, and how their work has evolved over time. During the exhibit, she will be showing a poster sized grid of photographs depicting houses. “Each image on the grid is a different house, so externally you can see the difference of houses, which speaks more to socioeconomic differences, as well as the mystery of what lies within our homes,” said Camille. “I have gained a huge appreciation for showing and sharing my work with the GS community. It allows me to understand new perspectives on my work and gives me the opportunity to share a piece of myself with people I care about,” said Camille.

The All School Art Show is an event that Claire Schmucker ’20 looks forward to each year. “It is inspiring to see the wide display of art. Not only do I get to see the pieces that my fellow ceramics classmates have made, but I also get to see what students in other arts classes have created,” said Claire.

Woodworking and Design and Ceramics pieces will be located in Marshall during the show. Artwork from Graphic Design and Painting and Drawing will be in Main, and Painting and Drawing will also be in Walton. Photography, Sculpture, a few Ceramic pieces, and a large mirror produced in Woodworking and Design will be located in the MDA Class of 1956 Art Gallery. Students will be in the gallery where their artwork is located. Refreshments will be available in all locations. The event is free and open to the public.

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