A Brief History of Vietnam

This course meets for one arrangement in Term 7 and is followed by a trip to Vietnam in June.

Students in this course explore the modern history of Vietnam–beginning with the “mission civilisatrice” in the 1880s and focus on the relationship between the United States and Vietnam in the 20th century. Readings are drawn from authors such as Max Hastings, Christopher Goscha, Spencer Tucker, Lt. Gen. Harold Moore, and Ho Chi Minh. Students visit the New Jersey Vietnam Era Museum in the United States and the Hoa Lo Prison (Hanoi Hilton) in Vietnam. Students also meet with members of Project Renew and work in orphanages where children still suffer from the effects of Agent Orange.

Students earn 1 credit in history and fulfill their service requirement. This course is cross-listed as HIS880V (History). A travel-abroad course, it requires parental consent.

(This course will not be offered in 2024-25.)

Min-Max Credit Hours: 1.0-1.0