IB HL Math: Analysis

This course covers topics from the IB HL Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches syllabus. Unlike a single-topic AP calculus or statistics exam, the IB HL Mathematics exam requires an advanced level of mastery of a wide range of mathematical topics and their interconnections. The HL Analysis curriculum is more abstract than the HL Applications curriculum, and less tied to modeling and technology. There is an emphasis on learning to understand, use, and appreciate the value of the precise technical language (definitions, theorems, etc.) of mathematics. Students are expected to work as mathematicians do in that they are asked frequently to try problems without having been explicitly taught how to find the solutions. Excellent algebraic, graphing, and organizational skills are assumed, as is a very good understanding of trigonometry.

This course begins with the common AP/IB HL Statistics mod, and–for those students coming from AB rather than BC Calculus– a calulus mod, and ends with two mods comprising additional calculus and statistics topics, an IB exploration, and test preparation. The first two mods can be taken in either order. The final mod must be taken in 12th grade. The others may be taken in either 11th or 12th grade. The calculus mod must come after AB Calculus has been completed.

Min-Max Credit Hours: 3.0-4.0