IB SL Math: Analysis

The topics covered in this two-year survey course are those of the IB SL Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches syllabus and include fundamentals of function analysis, trigonometry, differential and integral calculus, and statistics. Students are encouraged to appreciate the links between different concepts and branches of math. The course moves at a swift pace, with a focus on developing an in-depth understanding of concepts and using that understanding to solve abstract problems as well as those set within a specific context. There is a strong emphasis on the ability to construct, communicate and justify mathematical arguments. Students learn to discern situations in which technology can be a helpful tool in the solution of a problem. Students develop the skills needed to apply mathematics in other fields and continue their mathematical studies in other learning environments.

This course consists of six mods: the first two mods of Precalculus (MAT340A), the first mod of Calculus (MAT410A), Accelerated Statistics (MAT511A), and two mods specific to this course. The mods specific to this course must be the last mods taken. In these final two mods, in addition to covering additional content, students complete the IB Mathematics Exploration (which includes a paper of approximately 12-20 pages in length), and spend time on test preparation.

Students typically take both precalculus mods in 11th grade. (Students who had George School’s Precalculus or Advanced Analysis in 10th grade do not need these mods.) The calculus mod can be taken any time after the precalculus mods and before the final two mods. (Students who take an AP Calculus course do not need the Calculus mod). The Accelerated Statistics mod can be taken at any time prior to the final two mods. (Students who take an AP Statistics course do not need the Accelerated Statistics mod.)

Students who enroll in this course must sit for the IB exam.

Min-Max Credit Hours: 4.0-6.0