The concept of a function is the central theme of this course. Topics covered in depth include domain and range, composition, translation, transformation, and inverse functions. A primary goal is to help students learn to shift fluently between algebraic and graphical representations of functions. Polynomial, exponential, logarithmic, rational, and trigonometric functions are studied in-depth and the concept of a limit is introduced. Additional topics include sequences and series, vectors, and matrices.

A strong working knowledge of linear and quadratic functions is assumed. In addition, students are expected to have good algebraic skills, good graphing skills, and familiarity with right triangle trigonometry. While many daily homework problems are similar to problems worked in class, others require students to apply what they know to new types of problems. The capacity for independent work is important to a student’s success.

The first two mods of this course are part of the IB SL Mathematics: Analysis course. Students may take Intro to Calculus (MAT400A) and/or the first mod of Calculus (MAT410A) after completing these mods. Enrolling in AP Calculus – AB (MAT428A) or the final two mods of Calculus requires completion of all three mods of Precalculus.

Min-Max Credit Hours: 1.0-3.0