Psychology and AP Psychology

This course is a 2-3 credit course depending on the number of mods taken. This course would include Introduction to Psychology and 1-2 other mod courses. Please see descriptions of individual mod courses below.

AP Psychology
This course is a 4 credit course that would include all four of the courses listed below. These courses can be taken over multiple school years if desired. Those who are taking AP Psychology should plan to take Developmental and Abnormal Psychology as the last course in the sequence as it will be offered typically during Mod 5 or Mod 6.

Introduction to Psychology
Students will get an overview of the nature of psychological questions and various approaches to research. The course will focus on understanding psychology through the study of social dynamics, personality, and motivation. Students will engage in simulations and demonstrations to see how psychology applies to daily life.
This course is the first in a sequence of 3 or 4 courses that can be combined as either Psychology or AP Psychology, respectively. This course mod is open to 10th graders while the rest of the course mods below are open only to students in grades 11 and 12.

Biological Bases of Behavior
This course will focus on the role of biological functioning in behavior. Students will get an introduction to basic concepts in neuroscience, consciousness, sensation and perception. Students will engage in activities to understand basics of the brain, effects of psychoactive drugs, and how auditory and visual illusions occur.
Prerequisite: Introduction to Psychology

Cognition, Learning and Emotion
This course will examine the processes of thinking, memory, language, learning and emotion as determinants of our behavior. Through these topics students will be able to explain the different ways we learn, evaluate the biases present in our thinking, and debate the definition of intelligence.
Prerequisite: Introduction to Psychology

Developmental and Abnormal Psychology
This course will focus on how we change from childhood through adulthood as well as the causes, symptoms, and therapies for various mental disorders. projects. Students will assess how we define normal in various contexts and practice using their knowledge in real case studies.
Prerequisite: Introduction to Psychology

Min-Max Credit Hours: 2.0-4.0