Studies in Spirituality, Religions & Integrity

Any three or more of the following 1-credit courses constitute the course Studies in Spirituality, Religions & Integrity:

  • Buddhism For Beginners (REL410L)
  • Embodied Mindfulness (REL420F)
  • Feeding the Dimensions of your Health – Let’s Go Al Fresco! (REL420R)
  • Living Large: Spiritual Design in Small-Space Living (REL430F)
  • Meaning of Myth (REL430L)
  • Native American Culture and Religion in the Lenapehoking (REL430N)
  • Origin Stories: Why Is There Something & Not Nothing (REL430R)
  • Peace Studies (REL440F)
  • The Power and Paradox of Forgiveness (REL440R)
  • Spiritual Practices for Well-Being (REL450L)
  • Theory of Knowledge (REL450R)
  • World Religions (REL460F)

Min-Max Credit Hours: 1.0-6.0