The United Nations & Leadership

This course introduces students to International Relations through the lens of the United Nations (UN). Students learn about the founding, functions, and programs of the UN. Students also gain an understanding of current global issues through an exploration of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Once students have gained foundational knowledge of the UN, diplomacy, and global issues, they then work to transmit this knowledge as they organize a middle school Model UN (MUN) Conference. They choose the issues, research the issues, and write the issue bulletins. Students also visit nearby schools and teach lessons to middle school students to prepare them for a Junior MUN conference held at George School. This course requires students to gain academic knowledge, organize all the logistics of a conference, create lesson plans to share their knowledge, teach those lesson plans to younger students, and ideally empower younger students to work together to find solutions to world problems.

Min-Max Credit Hours: 2.0-2.0