Topics in Global Politics

The first mod of this course, Power, Peace, and Well-Being, focuses on several queries: (1) What is necessary to affect change? (2) What does it mean to live in a peaceful society? (3) What strategies can we use to achieve more peace and well-being in this world? Students use realism, liberalism, and critical theory to examine different types of power, resources needed to acquire power, and examples of how individuals, organizations, and states affect change. Students also learn the difference between positive and negative peace, as well as the concept of structural violence, and use an understanding of these frameworks to identify a spectrum of conflicts in society that hinder well-being. Finally, students begin exploring development initiatives used to address conflict, improve living conditions, and strive towards peace. Students engage in reflective political action related to course content.

Sovereignty, International Organizations, and Human Rights examines the notion of statehood and sovereignty as the primary framework for action in global politics. The course also examines the influence of international organizations, including the UN, IGOs, and NGOS, as well as how these structures improve global cooperation and justice, as well as their limits of doing so. The course focuses on several queries: (1) Who are the most powerful actors in global politics? (2) Do global organizations improve collaboration and justice? (3) How can we best achieve the protection of human rights and individuals in society? Students in this course use realism, liberalism, and critical theory to examine the notion of statehood and to compare the power of states in the global system to the influence of multinational corporations, NGOs, and non-state actors. Students also develop an understanding of the history of human rights, as well as our mechanisms to monitor and enforce human rights, and the obstacles of doing so. Each student taking this mod writes a research paper on human rights.

Students may register for either or both mods of this course. These mods are a subset of the IB SL Global Politics course [HIS437Y], so students wishing to take an IB exam in Global Politics should register for that course rather than this one.

Min-Max Credit Hours: 1.0-2.0