Vergil’s Aeneid (in Rome)

This course is an immersive experience in Term 4 (January – early February), including travel to Rome.

As part of this experience, students earn 1 credit in Latin (which can be used toward credit for Latin 3 or Latin 4, though students planning to sit for an IB exam will still need all standard mods) and 1 credit in English, which juniors and senior can use as the elective mod of their English sequence.

The goals of this course include reading, appreciating, and analyzing Vergil’s Aeneid in English and using it to develop the skills of discussion, close reading, literary analysis, and writing. Students establish an understanding of the craft of translation, comparing published English translations of the text and composing their own. They also enhance their translating skills while learning about the legends and history of Rome’s founding, the historical events surrounding the Aeneid’s composition, and other historical episodes relevant to the Aeneid by reading excerpts of other texts in Latin. In the weeks leading up to departure, students will work on building the physical stamina for walking long distances and hiking while abroad. During the travel segment of the course, students trace a portion of Aeneas’ journey in the Mediterranean ending up in Rome where we visit relevant archeological sites, art and history museums, and read Latin inscriptions in situ. Since the Aeneid is the story of a group of Trojans seeking refuge following the fall of Troy, this course also explores the myth and history of the founding of Rome and reflect on how modern-day Italians connect to their historical past in light of the most recent refugee crisis.

This course is cross-listed as LAT930R (Language) and MUL930R (Extradisciplinary). A travel-abroad course, it requires parental consent.

(This course will not be offered in 2023-24.)

Min-Max Credit Hours: 2.0-2.0