Fall/Winter 2021 Georgian Available Online

The Fall/Winter 2021 Georgian takes a look back at the last eighteen months as our community faced COVID together in a photo essay sharing life on campus during the pandemic and in stories about some of our many amazing alumni essential workers. We are unquestionably influenced, changed, and made acutely aware of our human vulnerability by living through a pandemic, and yet, in this Georgian issue, you will see that we have continued to be George School, and continued to move our mission forward.

In this issue, you also will find stories about George School innovations—from cross-disciplinary learning to our work for a bold new academic program for the 2022-2023 academic year—resulting from the strategic plan, from lessons learned in our professional development studies in educational neuroscience, and from our faculty’s ongoing commitment to do what is best for our students. A New Academic Program for a Changing World spotlights that work.

Crossing Traditional Boundaries tells the story of interdisciplinary work piloted by George School faculty members. In one example, English Department faculty member and IB Program Coordinator Kim McGlynn talks about her assignment for IB HL English students who were challenged to write and illustrate children’s picture books, collaborating with IB Global Politics and Painting & Drawing students. Don’t miss Hana Sparks-Woodford ’20 reading The Critter Chronicles written by Hanna and Kate Levesque ’20 and illustrated by Celeste Huang-Menders ’22 as part of that work.

Toward Media Fluency highlights the work of two alumni faculty members, Meredith Baldi ’01 and Scott Seraydarian ’90, who brought their expertise and commitment to teaching students to produce media that matters—and to think critically about their role as media consumers in their interdisciplinary class Producing Peace. Visiting speakers Tyler Lechtenberg, Mick Rock, and Rich Korson added to the depth and breadth of the student experience.

Socially Innovative shares the work of twenty-three students who participated in the Social Innovators Program, offered by the University of Pennsylvania and Schoolyard Ventures. It is a twelve-week class that provides university-level, real-world opportunities for students interested in merging an interest in entrepreneurship with the desire to make a positive impact on society.

The Features section of the Georgian highlights our new Athletic Hall of Honor and our first inductees, Alumni Weekend news, and our expanded Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion program.

We hope you enjoy reading these articles and that wherever you are, in the spirit of George School, you, too, are always learning.

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