George School Reimagines Academic Program

George School is reimagining and implementing a new vision for its academic program that is grounded in the deepest commitment to help students—as the school mission statement says— “let their lives speak.”

The program is the result of the Strategic Plan for George School that was affirmed by the Board of Trustees in 2019. Since the adoption of the plan, an Academic Review Group has worked with faculty and staff to reimagine the school’s curriculum and calendar, building on the foundation of our past success, trusted research in how people learn, and our understanding of the student experience.

“As we’ve talked about the curriculum, we’ve been talking about Informed creativity,” said Head of School Sam Houser. “It elevates critical thinking, reasoning, and the management of a large body of information and distilling it to create coherent knowledge all the while maintaining curiosity and open mindedness. The program will offer experiential learning, interdisciplinary courses, and research opportunities with teams of students and faculty.”

The new George School signature academic program is rooted in trusted research on how people learn. Offering more choices and more meaningful experiences, the academic program will be customizable to each student.

Learn more about the new Signature Academic Program.

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