Junior Night with College Counseling

George School’s College Counseling team has been working tirelessly to make sure students continue to get the guidance they need amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. Recently, the department hosted Junior Night with College Counseling, a virtual event for juniors and their families to discuss navigating the application process throughout the pandemic. 

Prior to the event, the College Counselors sent out a reference guide that provided a brief overview of what they would be covering—including a timeline with everything ranging from college research, testing, and the application process, to financial aid, and decision making. 

College Counselors also shared a more specific timeline with testing dates and other big events during the presentation, resources available to families provided by George School, and discussed what applying to colleges might look like right now. 

“Our approach is always to meet students and families where they are at, while guiding them on how we can move along together in the process.” Beth Ann Burkmar, Director of College Counseling, shared a glimpse into the college counselors’ methods.  

She continued, As college counselors, we know that we cannot block out the “noise” around the college process, but if we can keep students and families well informed with up-to-date information, perhaps we can lessen the impact of that “noise” and help reduce stress with the knowledge that they are exactly where they need to be in the process and that they are in good, experienced hands.” 

The College Counseling team is here to help students every step of the way, from getting to know their interests, to applications to dream schools, and finally, to celebrating college acceptance. 

Catherine Box, Associate Director of College Counseling, elaborated on how the counselors help the students from start to finish. “As a college counseling team, we spend a lot of time considering how students are feeling and as we get to know them better, what they are thinking. In every phase of their college search and admission process, we focus on the needs of individual students and their families. We want them to know that we are their advocates, and every meeting, program, and email is designed not only to help them ultimately find a college home, but to learn about themselves and grow in this transition from high school to college student.” 

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