New Book from English Teacher, Courtney Bejgrowicz

Courtney Bejgrowicz, recently co-authored a book with her father, Gene Rice.

George School English Teacher, Courtney Bejgrowicz, recently co-authored a book with her father, Gene Rice. The book is titled Grad to Grown-Up: 68 Tips to Excel in Your Personal and Professional Life.

The book shares sixty-eight tips that span five sections: Life, Job Search, Career, Financial Independence, and Health and Relationships. Courtney and her father envision the book helping new high school and college graduates or truthfully, anyone wishing to live a more fulfilled home and work life. The book’s website even reads, “Want to improve yourself? Be happier? More fulfilled? More successful? This book is for you.”

Courtney shared a little more about the duo’s upcoming book with us. “The tips are shared by my dad, a rags to riches story and accomplished executive recruiter with over thirty years of experience helping people get their dream jobs, and just an amazing overall person.”

She continued with a little sneak peek of what the book has to offer for younger readers. “Each chapter ends with a ‘Courtney Comment’ in my perspective to connect the advice across age, profession, and gender, and to tease my dad, of course! As someone in my young thirties, I often feel like I’m still getting the ‘Grown-Up’ thing down and can commiserate with our future readers.”

Courtney hopes to gift the George School Class of 2022 with the book this year, so that the tips from their book may help start their post-high school lives off even more successfully.

You can read more about the book on their website or find it in Barnes & Noble or on Amazon on April 12, 2022. Pre-order your copy now. The Newtown Bookshop is hosting Courtney and Gene on Wednesday, April 6 at 6:30 p.m. for a reading and book signing.

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