“One Kiln, Three Artists” Arrives in the Anderson Gallery

The gallery features artwork from Sal Annunizato '14.

Starting August 30, the George School Community is invited to visit and view “One Kiln, Three Artists” in the Anderson Gallery. The gallery features artwork from Sal Annunizato ’14, Kevin Lehman, and Nate Nixdorf. 

Sal’s Artist Statement reads, “I think of objects as a narrative. Each object has a story to tell, about itself, about its maker and its audience. A mug–the way it fits in your hand, its size, its shape, the stains it accumulates over time or doesn’t–tells us how to reach for it, to hold it, to use it, how others have reached for it, held it, and used it. Objects tell us another’s presence. The mug is a nurturing and intimate object, it is a connection. The mug locates us, locates you.”  

Kevin currently teaches at Penn State Harrisburg, has established a multi-media community arts center in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and founded the Lancaster Creative Factory. The Lancaster Creative Factory is “dedicated to cultivating creativity through education of the visual arts and crafts to encourage individual and group problem-solving skills, healing, and transformation.” 

“My approach to working starts with an idea,” Kevin said. “Then I work through that idea leaving the process open to “happy accidents” which lead to other possibilities. The results are products of my ideas, experiences and the serendipitous nature of the creative process.” 

Nate is currently an art teacher and department chairperson at his alma mater Warwick High School in Lititz, Pennsylvania and is the owner and instructor of Lititz Clay Studio. He works with about 80 students every day and then teaches at his studio in the evenings. 

“No matter the age of the student, the “a-ha” moment exists in everyone, and it’s that moment that I seek in everything I do,” his biography reads. “As a potter, my goal is to make ordinary experiences with food extraordinary. I want the object or container to be just as impactful as the food it contains. As a teacher, my goal is to create thinkers.” 

Visit the Anderson Gallery August 30 through November 5 to view “One Kiln, Three Artists” and witness this impressive collection. A reception will be held Tuesday, November 2 from 11:35 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. 

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