Alice Ke ’19

Villanova University
Of all the special weekends at George School each year, one was a particular favorite for Alice.

What was the most exciting event at George School?

Student Council Weekend is a renowned weekend at George School, filled with the biggest sense of community on campus. From Holi powder wars to bonfires to dunking members of the faculty, Student Council Weekend brings out the best in everyone. As a step away from academics, it created a sense of excitement and genuine happiness for all.

Describe a memorable moment. 

The last day of school freshman year, all of my friends and I were on Bettye’s Porch, avoiding at all costs having to separate from each other for three whole months. It is a moment representative of relationships formed at George School.

More about Alice:

In addition to serving as a peer group leader and on the Junior Class Executive Committee, Alice was active in a lot of George School clubs: Women’s Issues Now, Goldfish ’n Java (live music group), Argo (literary magazine), Model UN, Step, Footbag, Art for Relief, and All for Africa.