Alison Crawford ’07

As a teacher, Alison brings some George School flair to her classroom.

As a teacher, how has your George School education played a role in your career?

I’ve always enjoyed writing, but my passion for it really grew in the IB. The IB and its teachers helped give me confidence and a desire to face challenges in addition to skills. I’ll never forget Stephanie McBride’s graphic organizers, comments, and of course, “dreaded” scoring system, which made me read and re-read my work for grammatical errors. I recall diving deep into texts and writing about them with great fondness, and I try to teach those same skills to the fifth graders I now teach.

What was a favorite class at George School?

My Theory of Knowledge course made me begin questioning life and the nature of learning. I believe that in some way, my career in education is a continuation of that desire to question and learn.

More about Alison:

While in college, Alison went to Ghana to intern in a program with the goal of increasing the quality and availability of early childhood education. Returning from Ghana, Alison graduated with a major in English literature and relocated to Boston to be a founding teacher at a charter school that was taking over a failing public school. Alison is now back closer to home in Philadelphia, teaching at Germantown Friends School, where she is still using the lessons learned over a decade ago.