Andreas Makris ’18

Lafayette College
Andreas became enraptured by Computer Programming and Robotics, even with no prior experience, thanks to a passionate teacher.

Talk about an important class and its teacher.

Junior year I took Computer Programming and Robotics, one of the most unusual classes I have ever taken. I came into the class with absolutely zero prior programming experience, but thanks to the great teaching of Chris Odom, by the end of the year I was able to program and build an interactive speaking and music-playing robot of my own design.

Chris, who had written the book we used for the class, had also developed my interest in physics the year before. He remained one of my favorite teachers as I dove into his AP Physics class.

What was your favorite thing about George School?

I am blessed to have gone to a school where I felt safe and comfortable expressing myself.

More about Andreas:

It should come as no great surprise that this lover of physics, comp sci, and robotics also took AP Calculus and Statistics. He was in the Improv Club and was the founder and leader of the Fantasy Football Club. He very much enjoyed his service learning trip to Costa Rica with nine friends and classmates.