Ben Croucher

History DepartmentDepartment Head, Faculty, Coach
To history teacher Ben, a good education is more than academic.

Why should a student consider George School?

If you’re interested in receiving not only a good education, but also a good foundation for letting your life speak positively, George School is the right place.

To help students accomplish that, I try to be as multidisciplinary as possible in my teaching. In my history class, I might incorporate poetry, biology, or agribusiness into a lesson. While coaching football and basketball, I help teach life lessons. It’s all part of what I believe to be essential to educating the person as a whole.

Why did you choose George School?

I decided to teach at George School because the sense of community was palpable.

More about Ben:

Ben has a BA from Siena College and an MA from SUNY Albany. He came to George School in 2005. Ben coaches Cougar football and basketball teams and loves golf, running with his dog, following American and British politics, reading Victorian literature and The Onion, vacationing in Canada, and all things barbecue.