Amedeo Salamoni

For Amedeo, his students' most important creations go beyond ceramics to the big picture.

Becky Hutchins

Becky believes in the power of experimentation—literally and figuratively—in her science classes.

Ben Croucher

To history teacher Ben, a good education is more than academic.

Carter Sio ’76

Time passes, but what is meaningful about George School remains the same for Carter as both alumnus and teacher.

Danielle Picard-Sheehan

Photographer Danielle inspires her students by challenging them to see their skills through different lenses.

Eric Wolarsky

Eric was looking for an authentic community... and he found one.

Erin Sio

Erin believes in stretching students—in and out of class, in Newtown and around the world.

Hamilton Davis

Whether in the classroom or the pool, Hamilton loves watching his students tackle challenges.

Kevin Davis ’77

Kevin impacts his students in the classroom, on the stage, and in the dorm.

Kim McGlynn

Kim enjoys the challenges of teaching students who challenge her, one another, and themselves.