Amedeo Salamoni

Ceramics teacher Amedeo Salamoni finds joy in molding his students as well as clay.

Becky Hutchins

Becky Hutchins believes in the power of experimentation—literally and figuratively—in her science classes.

Ben Croucher

To Ben Croucher, a good education is more than academic.

Danielle Picard-Sheehan

Danielle Picard-Sheehan opens the eyes of her students to the artistry of the world around them…and vice versa.

Debbie DiMicco ’72

Debbie DiMicco—teacher, coach, service trip leader—sees connections among them all.

Kim McGlynn

Kim McGlynn enjoys the challenges of teaching students who challenge her, one another, and themselves.

Maureen West

Maureen West finds inspiration in the honesty and energy of her theater arts students.

Meredith Alford ’01

Meredith Alford is proudest when her students don't just answer questions—they ask them.

Mike Bailey

Mike Bailey enjoys teaching students to be good athletes and good people.

Nancy Bernardini

Coach Nancy Bernardini sees the fruits of her lacrosse team’s labor pay off in an emotional game.

Paul Machemer ’65

Paul Machemer gives his students just enough hints for them to solve problems for themselves.

Pippa Porter Rex

Pippa Porter Rex finds that being a dean is equal parts educator and activity organizer, cheerleader, and confidant.