Kevin Davis ’77

Arts and Religions DepartmentsCampbell Dorm Head
Kevin impacts his students in the classroom, on the stage, and in the dorm.

Is there a moment in a class that stands out?

One moment that comes to mind is when a student who had great trouble expressing herself openly wrote and performed a personal monologue. It was riveting.

Describe your teaching style.

It is warm, engaging, gently but firmly challenging, and respectful of individual limitations.

What would you tell prospective families about George School?

They would make a good choice by entrusting us with their child’s education. Working with us should be like working with a family member.

How did being a George School graduate impact you? Has it changed?

I loved my time here as a student and jumped at the chance to return. Though the physical grounds have changed, the old buildings are still here, comforting and familiar. Some of my teachers are still here, too. Hilarious, but equally comforting.

More about Kevin:

The dorm head for freshman and sophomore boys, Kevin teaches theater arts as well as Essentials of a Friends Community. He received a BFA from Emerson College and an MSEd from Hunter College and is also a professional actor. He likes to attend the theater, garden, and farm with his younger son.