Amedeo Salamoni

Arts DepartmentGalleries Coordinator, Coach
For Amedeo, his students' most important creations go beyond ceramics to the big picture.

Why did you choose to teach at George School?

I had been teaching at the college level for nineteen years, but I was frustrated with the quality and preparation of students taking my classes. With my wife Diane’s encouragement, I decided to pursue teaching at the high school level. The first time I walked onto the George School campus, I was mesmerized. I saw the support for teaching that I had been looking for.

Is there a moment in a class that stands out?

During critiques in June, a group of four students and I were talking about a project. The discussion went from describing the assignment to a full-blown conversation about the elements of art, theory, and aesthetics. This type of in-depth thought process is what I love about George School students.

Describe your teaching style.

I teach like I am conducting a workshop. I work alongside my students, letting them see how I work and how I sometimes fail. This is important for students to see. It allows them to not be afraid to take chances, experiment, and learn from mistakes. This is where the real learning occurs.

I teach ceramics, but I really teach students how to become responsible, caring people and leaders.

More about Amedeo:

In addition to making his own art, teaching, and coordinating exhibits in campus art galleries, Amedeo likes to garden and to ride his motorcycle all over the country. He received a BA and MA from Kean University and an MFA from the University of Delaware.

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