Carter Sio ’76

Arts DepartmentCoach
Time passes, but what is meaningful about George School remains the same for Carter as both alumnus and teacher.

Is there another teacher you admire? Why?

There are many, but probably the members of the studio arts department. It’s hard to be a full-time teacher and a professional artist, and in our department, we all do what we teach.

Has George School changed since you were a student?

We have a new library, new gym, new dorms, a renovated dining room, new machines in the wood shop, and a new turf field, but we are still the same school we’ve always been. The people have changed, but in the end, we are still sharing worship together and helping young people learn to be the best person they can be.

More about Carter:

In addition to teaching about and working with wood, Carter likes to hike, sail, work on his second home in rural coastal Maine, and spend time with friends and family. His wife Erin is Dean of Students. He also co-coaches the developmental soccer team. Carter has a BA from Marlboro College.