Kevin Davis ’77

Kevin impacts his students in the classroom, on the stage, and in the dorm.

Kim McGlynn

Kim McGlynn enjoys the challenges of teaching students who challenge her, one another, and themselves.

Laura Kinnel

Laura's students learn real world lessons from abstract concepts.

Marion Wells

Marion Wells believes that researching almost anything can be fun with a sense of humor and the right library tools.

Martha Holland

Martha is impressed by George School's ability to bring out the best in students almost as much as she is by the students themselves.

Maureen West

Acting is truth-seeking for Mo West, and George School is the right place for the search.

Mike Bailey

Mike enjoys teaching students to be good athletes and good people.

Nancy Bernardini

Coach Nancy Bernardini sees the fruits of her lacrosse team’s labor pay off in an emotional game.

Nancy Kryven

For Nancy, conquering the most formidable challenges is the most formidable!

Pacho Gutierrez ’77

From the science lab to the wrestling mat, Pacho Guttierez enjoys the diversity of the George School learning experience.

Paul Machemer ’65

Paul gives his students just enough hints for them to solve problems for themselves.