Chloe Lentchner ’19

Berklee College of Music
Chloe did not let a little stage fright get in the way.

Describe an exciting moment.

I took theater as soon as I arrived at George School, taught by Kevin Davis and  Mo West, and was in the musicals each year. The first time I performed in front of the school was an exciting moment. Since I was a freshman, I was very nervous, but it turned out to be so much fun. Everyone was so supportive.

In what subject area did you grow the most?

George School made a big impact on my comprehension skills. My English teachers  taught me a lot about close reading.

More about Chloe:

For Chloe, performing was not limited to the Walton stage. She was a member of Art for Relief (which mounts a visual and performing arts fundraiser) and Goldfish ’n Java (the live music club), she sings, plays piano and guitar, and writes songs. She was also an IB diploma candidate, tour guide, and peer group leader and confessed, “I loved my peer groupies!”