Christian Fusco ’20

Princeton, New JerseyUniversity of St Andrews in Scotland
Christian discovers that coming together as a community happens naturally, easily, and fast at George School.

Has anything surprised you about George School?

As a transfer student, I did not expect George School to have such a friendly community. I knew it was a welcoming place, but I was able to jump right in and become a part of the community right away. Junior year is a hard year to switch schools, but George School was a smooth and easy transition.

What was your most interesting class?

My religion class with Marcus Ingram was one of my favorite classes last year. Marcus is an amazing teacher who really pushes you to think about topics you may be unfamiliar with. I learned a lot from Marcus. We always keep in touch.

Describe a quintessential George School moment.

The first or second weekend that I was on campus, there was a dance. A good portion of the student body came out for it, and everyone had a great time. It showed me that this really is a community. We are in classes together five days a week, but on the weekends, we stick together and enjoy the special bond we have.

More about Christian:

Christian is proud to have been a member of the Quaker Cup–winning boys soccer team for two years, for which he was also captain. In addition, he trains as a goalkeeper outside of school and is considering continuing to play in college. He is working toward his IB Diploma and sits on the school Discipline Committee.