Gia Delia ’18

George Washington University
George School’s IB Diploma Program prepared Gia for rigorous academic pursuits

How did George School prepare you for higher academics?

George School has made a huge impact on my time at college, and I have the IB program to thank specifically. Without it I do not think I would have been prepared for the rigor and difficulty of the courses I took my freshman year. I strongly believe that George School and the IB program gave me the intellectual framework and strong time management skills needed to navigate interdisciplinary projects.

What other ways did your time at George School impact you?

George School impacted me by teaching me the value of networking with others and preparing me to have conversations with professors about additional research opportunities and internships. Thanks to my time at George School, I feel comfortable going up to a professor after class and ask question and to call some by their first name if they prefer it.

Being a George School Tour Guide my junior and senior year also gave me prepared me to be a GW Orientation Leader for two years. Lastly, George School prepared me to work independently as well as collaboratively, and to be highly organized. These skills have all helped me throughout my time working for the GW Orientation Team and in various research settings.

More about Gia:

Gia will soon graduate a year early from The George Washington University, where she is pursuing a BS/MS dual degree program in Biological Anthropology and Human Paleobiology. She is a research assistant in the Primate Life History Laboratory, the Primate Genomics Laboratory, and the Social Cognition Laboratory. Her current research interests include primate genomics, pigmentation genes, social behavior, human behavior, animal behavior and ecology, social cognition, language acquisition and development, skeletal biology, and life history.