Lea Jensen ’19

Erwinna, PennsylvaniaDay Student
It is hard to tell what is more exciting for Lea—breaking records or having the school there to see it.

Describe a memorable moment on campus.

During my time at George School I have experienced many exciting moments, but I would have to say that the most exciting was the swimming championships that took place in our facility. Six schools came to compete and it was George School’s biggest swim meet of the year. Everybody came to watch the championships.

My relay team broke four George School records, and the majority of the school was there to witness it, which is one of the main reasons I love George School. The community comes together to support their peers, which is what made that moment all the more exciting.

Name a faculty member who had an impact on you.

My freshman year I took Global Interdependence with Andy Lehto. He was different from any teacher I had had before because he did not use a textbook. He believed that students should learn from one another.

More about Lea:

In addition to varsity swimming (for which she is captain), Lea plays Cougar field hockey and lacrosse. She is working toward her IB diploma and is a peer group leader and tour guide.