Lexi Alloway ’21

Ivyland, PennsylvaniaUniversity of Massachusetts/Amherst
What’s most memorable about George School for Lexi? Hard courses, supportive teachers, and the Slip ’n Slide.

Is there a class or classes that made a big impact on you?

My most interesting class last year was AP Language and Composition. There was never a dull moment. We were always discussing something or participating in some kind of activity. Not only did Joelle Sanphy ’08, my teacher, thoroughly prepare me for the AP exam, but she also provided support and help through this difficult course. And she made it fun!

Last year I also took Intensive Physics, and it was quite a whirlwind. There were times when I felt like I was not going to make it through this significantly difficult course, but my teacher helped me regain my confidence through consultations and continually checking in. I ended up doing great in the class, and I was glad I decided to stick with it.

Describe an exciting moment at George School.

The most exciting moments are during Student Council Weekend and Live Music Weekend. Both are designed by student-led committees and are a great opportunity for students to bond and spend quality fun time together. During Student Council Weekend, students gather on South Lawn to slide down a huge Slip ’n Slide—which is incredibly exciting. Live Music Weekend is an opportunity for students to perform any talents they would like for the school. This event is also extremely fun because you get to watch and support your peers as they perform.

More about Lexi:

Active in the theater program, Lexi was in the musical Side Show sophomore year. When she isn’t in a production, she stays active on three varsity teams: volleyball, swimming, and softball, her favorite. She is an IB diploma candidate, peer group leader, and a member of several clubs, but manages to balance everything with help from her teachers.