Martin Gillis ’21

Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaDrexel University
For Martin, diversity of opinion and solidarity go hand in hand at George School.

Describe an exciting moment at George School.

When we held  the #GSwalkout march to promote more gun regulation in the United States, it made me feel proud. Even though people are pro-gun or anti-gun, they see the threat of the trend of mass shootings in this country. It showed that as students, we have a voice to speak up about injustices in our world.

What is it like to live in a dorm?

Living in the dorm is like living with a bunch of your brothers and friends. You feel comfortable because of the welcoming community and the respect there. Everyone is learning to become more independent, but there is also a lot of help for you, whether it’s for motivating you to get your room and clothes clean or just managing stress.

Has anything surprised you about George School?

I never realized how diverse George School is with regard to race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, and mindset. This diversity has made me more educated about things I am not exposed to at home.

More about Martin:

This tour guide and peer group leader is also a member of the track, and football teams as well as UMOJA, LASO, and the Argo (literary magazine) staff. He volunteers with the Philadelphia Fire Department to promote fire prevention.