Patrick Mahoney ’18

University of Colorado at Boulder
The right teacher made an interesting experience even better for Patrick.

Did you have an interesting service experience?

Junior year, I went to Bonaire for my service trip, and it was the best experience. We went to clean up trash and pollution. It taught me to care even more about the environment and to watch my impact on the world.

The trip was led by Chris Odom, which was another plus. Chris was my robotics teacher that year and that was my most interesting class. Chris is a great teacher, very passionate, and a great motivator.

What do you enjoy about athletics at George School?

Football is a great sport for teaching leadership. That’s what I was trying to do senior year with the younger students.

More about Patrick:

In addition to his robotics class, which taught him “how to analyze critically,” Patrick enjoyed taking higher-level (IB and AP) math and science classes as well as woodworking. He was a tour guide, peer group leader, and day student prefect.