Priya Tarpley ’18

Arcadia University
By taking robotics, Priya took pleasure in programming.

Did you discover a new interest at George School?

At George School, I learned that I am really interested in computer programming and computer science. My junior year I took the Computer Programming and Robotics class, which was really fun. I got to design and 3D print robot parts, learn the basics of programming, and create my own project, which used a laser and a receptor placed at a distance to test how fast an object moved through that space and how many times it moved.

Chris Odom, one of the teachers for the class, wrote the two books we learned from, and Brian Patton, another teacher, has his own company that designs a lot of the parts for the projects we used, so there was no lack of knowledge or help. That class really solidified my interest, and I took AP Computer Science to further my knowledge.

What is your favorite extracurricular activity?

My favorite activity outside of class was UMOJA, the black student group. I loved it because it provided us with a safe space to talk about issues in our community.

More about Priya:

Priya was active in LASO (the Latin American Student Organization) and the Badminton and Dance clubs as well as UMOJA. She also served as a prefect, peer group leader, and tour guide as well as on the Student Activities Board.