Rishi Madnani ’19

Bates College
Rishi pursued his varied passions in class and out.

Did you explore particular interests at George School?

Public speaking and leadership have always been important parts of who I am. George School allowed me to explore them much more in-depth through classes, clubs, and activities.

As an actor, speaking is a large part of the work (especially in front of an audience). IB Advanced Theater Arts, a class during the academic day, trained me as an actor and as a speaker. Additionally, the performance classes after school provided me with a safe space to practice acting, movement, and oration.

Senior year, I was the Deputy Secretary General of Model UN. Debate, public speaking, and social skills were the foundation of this club. After training members in these aspects for most of the year, we traveled to one or more large conferences and competed with other schools. In Junior State of America (JSA), students could exercise similar skills. Improv Club let students practice public speaking while having fun and laughing.

A multitude of activities on campus let students explore whatever they were passionate about.

What surprised you about the community at George School?

At George School, everybody is open-minded and willing to learn about other cultures. Never have I been in an environment as diverse and supportive as the one here.

More about Rishi:

As if being very active in theater, Model UN, JSA, and the Improv Club were not enough, Rishi was also on Student Council and the Class of 2019 Executive Committee.