Sara Matson ’20

Yardley, PennsylvaniaTrinity College
Through athletics, Sara supports her school and her teammates while relishing their support in return.

What was your most interesting class?

Although math has the reputation of being too hard and boring, my intensive precalculus class with Autumn Thayer was everything but. I learned so much because everyone was excited and eager to learn, and I became more confident. I hope others have the same experience I had.

What lessons have you learned on a team?

I have a passion for playing sports and representing George School. I swim all year round on the USA club swimming team for George School Aquatics community team, as well as on the varsity swim team, and I am on varsity lacrosse, too. Though swimming is an individual sport, playing lacrosse lets me really embrace the team aspect and the community-oriented values that George School is all about. I learned that no matter how stressed or anxious you are after a long day, your mood is instantly lightened because everyone is there to support you and cheer you on.

What do you like to do outside of the classroom?

My most interesting activity is creating our yearbook. Most people don’t realize how much work, time, effort, and creativity go into making a yearbook. It is so much fun to be behind the scenes, witnessing all that it takes to create something that everyone can find their own value and meaning in. There hasn’t been a day that I haven’t been thinking about ideas, themes, or pictures that could make the yearbook the best it can be.

More about Sara:

In addition to being a lead tour guide, senior editor of the yearbook, and year-round swimmer, Sara is the cofounder and leader of the Challah Club. She takes a mix of IB and AP courses and plans to continue swimming competitively in college.