Tucker Ballantyne ’18

Vanderbilt University
Tucker left shyness in the wings thanks to George School theater.

Describe an experience that made a big impact on you.

Being in my first play was really exciting for me. I have always been a little shy, so I was pretty nervous. Being on stage for the first time I knew I would either have to move past my shyness or succumb to it. Thankfully, I moved past it. I distinctly remember the applause when the show ended. That moment showed me that I should not waste my time being shy.

Being a part of George School’s really strong theater program allowed me to be much more confident in myself.

What was your most memorable class?

IB Higher Level Calculus was very difficult, but I enjoy challenging myself. The satisfaction of doing well made the whole effort worth it.

More about Tucker:

Tucker worked behind the stage (Stagecraft) as well as on it at George School. He was a day student prefect, tour guide, and IB diploma candidate, in the Short Film and Improv clubs, and on the tennis and cross-country teams. He enjoyed the full immersion of the school’s French service trip.