Tyler Gilbert ’18

Vanderbilt University
Tyler discovered the rewards of George School sports.

Describe some of the rewards of George School sports.

Junior year I played on the varsity soccer and lacrosse teams. I love competition, so it was extremely rewarding to see myself progress and participate in the highly competitive Friends Schools League. Also, since the teams include players of all grades, it was a great chance for me to connect with new students. That is quintessential George School.

What was a memorable class?

I found IB SL economics so interesting because it applies to the real world. I was able to take the concepts I learned and connect them to my everyday life.

More about Tyler:

As part of his IB diploma program, Tyler took painting and drawing to an advanced level. He continued his interest in art through Art for Relief (he was president), which raises money for a chosen organization by soliciting art, organizing an auction, and putting on a performance. He was also a prefect, peer group leader, tour guide, English tutor, and member of Model UN and JSA.