Science Department Welcomes New Bearded Dragon

The Science Department at George School recently added a new member to their team—a bearded dragon named Galileo who was donated by Mark Harrigan, a maintenance mechanic from George School’s Physical Plant Department.

Mark was searching for a new home for his family pet Galileo (formerly known as Az) and noticed that the tank in the Biology lab was empty. The former resident and fellow bearded dragon of the tank, aptly named Aristotle, passed away a few years ago. Mark took it upon himself to reach out to the Science Department to see if they would be interested in having Galileo join their classroom. They enthusiastically welcomed him aboard, and Mark cleaned out the tank, put in fresh sand and ground walnut shells, and set up a heat lamp so Galileo could feel right at home. Students selected his new name as a homage to Aristotle.

“It’s great to have a bearded dragon again,” said science teacher Pacho Gutiérrez ’77. “They produce such joy in our students, and they love holding and petting them. They are such gentle creatures.”

Pacho shared that Galileo is a great addition to biology courses, and that he could also be studied by the Animal Behavior class.

“I’m glad that the students will get to enjoy Galileo, and that he’ll be able to be surrounded by people during the day,” said Mark. “I’m happy he went to a good home.”

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