Students Place in Bucks County Poet of the Year Competition

Rhianna Searle ’23 and Annika Crawford ’22 have been named runner ups in the Bucks County High School Poet of the Year contest.

George School is pleased to announce that two students, Annika Crawford ’22 and Rhianna Searle ’23, have been named runner ups in the Bucks County High School Poet of the Year contest.

Annika Crawford ’22 was named First Runner-Up. “I love poetry for how limitless it is,” said Annika. “While visual art and music are directly sensuous, poetry relies on indirect triggers and symbols to create sensations through imagination. It’s a sort of alchemy. It’s visual and rhythmic.”

Rhianna Searle ’23 was awarded Third Runner Up. “This was my second year placing in the competition which was really exciting,” said Rhianna. “It felt validating to place two years in a row. It made me feel like I belong in the world of poetry, that I can write well consistently.”

The contest is open to all Bucks County High School students. Each participant must submit three original poems and the competition is judged by the current Bucks County Poet Laureate, Jane Edna Mohler, and the 2019 Poet Laureate, Mary Jo LoBello Jerome.

Annika’s submitted works were titled, A Violated Girl is a field after battle, Aurora/Chairlift Soliloquy, and Dissonance. “My poems reflect disillusionment,” said Annika. “A Violated Girl is a field after battle and Dissonance beg to “forget” or become “numb,” as if unfeeling is synonymous with peace. As if being left alone is a substitute for reconciliation.” Read Annika’s Poems here.

Rhianna’s submitted poems were called Praying, Snow Day, and Separation.Snow Day plays with themes of growing up. My little sister encouraged me to play outside with her during one of the snowy days last year, and that feeling of letting your guard down and playing like a little kid is what inspired that piece,” said Rhianna. “Separation is a reflection on my experiences during the pandemic.” Read Rhianna’s Poems here.

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