Theory of Knowledge Exhibit Showcases Critical Thinking

Students in the International Baccalaureate Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course presented their exhibitions this fall to an audience of their peers and George School faculty.

Theory of Knowledge, a unique study of epistemology in the IB Diploma Program, develops deep critical thinking skills through the context of the five areas of knowledge–the Arts, History, Mathematics, the Human Sciences, and the Natural Sciences. Students consider how knowledge is produced, its relationship to values, and how beliefs and opinions are communicated. Examining perspectives, students consider the connections between their own knowledge and politics, religion, and technology, how they use language, and their relationships to indigenous societies.

The TOK Exhibition is one of the two required course assessments where students select three objects in response to a prompt, and then justify how those objects explore TOK in the students’ “real” lives. In addition to their presentations, their work is also on display in this virtual gallery.

As you will see from the gallery map near the entrance to the exhibit, each student has their own spot in the gallery. In those spots you will encounter their chosen objects and embedded justifications on display, along with the knowledge questions that frame their inquiry. We invite you to fully immerse yourself in their spaces and in their thoughts.