Finding an Academically Friendly and Thoughtful Community

I said “Yes to GS” because of the friendly academic community where everyone can prosper in their own way whether it be academically, athletically, artistically, or whatever path they choose.

Over the last two years, I have grown to love our George School community both academically and socially. A few of my passions are musical theater, science (medicine), and hanging out with my friends. The friendships I have made are sure to last a lifetime. Another aspect of George school that I like is the diversity. I have met students from around the world including France, China, and India.

Initially, I was introduced to the Friends or Quaker Community when I attended Buckingham Friends School. Each week for the last 10 years I have attended Meeting for Worship. We meet once or twice a week with the whole community. We sit in a shared silence to reflect on our thoughts and if we feel moved to speak we can share our thoughts with the meeting. Attending a Quaker school is so great because both the students and teachers work together to ensure an academically friendly and thoughtful community.

Sarah is a day student prefect, and a lead tour guide from Furlong, Pennsylvania.

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