Academic Help is Available for Everyone

When I started freshmen year at George School I was a little nervous about the amount of time and effort that would be required to meet the rigorous academic requirements. I soon discovered that I didn’t have to worry about trying a course that may be difficult for me. Since then I have grown to appreciate the academic and emotional support that is available for students.

When you join the George School community you will be randomly assigned an advisor. An advisor is a faculty member who meets with you along with 3-6 other students 3 times a week. The advisor is someone who you can go to for any reason and is there to ensure you are successful. Another academic support system is regularly scheduled consultation times when you can meet with a teacher for guidance academically. Other support options are available during study hall including help with writing, language, math, and academic issues–whatever you may need.

Sarah is a day student prefect, and a lead tour guide from Furlong, Pennsylvania.

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