Boarding Life Brings Worldwide Friends

Although my mom might not be the biggest fan of the idea, my boarding experience at George School taught me to love living away from home.

A daunting task for any ninth grader, I was not expecting to become engrossed with boarding life here at George School. Wacky adventures, worldwide friends, and around the clock support have allowed me to feel at home in every dorm I’ve lived in. At no other school could I learn about cultures and traditions from countries all around the world just within my living space.

The laughs I’ve shared with my dormmates have made my high school experience amazing. I feel like I have such a head start on other kids my age on crucial life skills such as: how to live with other people, how to study efficiently and effectively, how to prepare meals for myself, and of course, how to do my own laundry.

I’m thankful for all of my dormmates and dorm parents for making George School my second home.

Ben is a senior boarding student and a lead tour guide.

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