Discovering Kindness

In George School, I’ve found kindness in many places.

My junior summer, I joined a service trip abroad. I wasn’t familiar with anyone on the trip, and it was quite daunting to suddenly be traveling to Japan and to be spending time with new people!

But the trip turned out to be a great experience, not only because of the experience itself but also because of the kindness of my peers. When we met in the airport, it was one of the first times we were together as a group, and I decided to take the initiative and try to make new friends. As it turns out, many of them already knew each other; nevertheless, they were very inclusive and warm, inviting me to join their card games and including me in conversations. During the trip, whenever I felt tired, my roommate would cheer me up through conversations.

Beforehand, I was usually cautious and wary around unfamiliar people until I knew them better, however, because of the small simple acts of kindness of my peers, I was encouraged to open up more. I continued to remain in touch as we finished the trip and headed back into the school year.

George School teachers are also approachable and kind. I can call them by their first names and have conversations with them in the dining room. But what is most touching is that we have time for consultations. George School’s class sizes are small enough that teachers give individual attention to each student, but to help us further, teachers set aside time for individual one-on-one meetings. When I have trouble with a certain topic or want more resources, I can schedule a consultation to talk through the topic. To me, the fact that all teachers set aside their time to help students is meaningful because their only intention is to better our educational experience.

George School’s culture of kindness is one of the reasons I feel comfortable in the community.

Ellen is a member of the nationally-ranked George School Math Team and a tour guide.

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