Growing as a Musician

I have absolutely loved playing tenor saxophone in the Wind Ensemble and Orchestra at George School. I’ve taken the instrumental music course here all four years, and one of my favorites is that it’s treated like any other academic class, so rehearsals fit right into my schedule during the day. I always look forward to performing with the two groups four times each week.

The time commitment for playing in an ensemble at George School really depends on the person. Everyone has to come to class and perform at four concerts each year, but any further commitment is up to you. For me, not only did I play in class, but I took private lessons on campus, practiced on my own in Walton, and performed with other groups like the Straight Ahead Big Band.

I have grown as a musician here at George School. I have learned to work together with the others in the ensemble, developed strong friendships with my band directors, and even won a music competition in my junior year. All the resources I needed were here to improve as a saxophonist and embrace my love of music.

Music and running are just two of Jackson’s interests. A tenor saxophone and guitar player, Jackson takes part in several ensembles (Wind Ensemble, Orchestra, Arts Block Ensemble, and the Straight Ahead Big Band) and teams (cross-country, winter and spring track) in addition to volunteering with the weekly Healthy Kids Running Series on campus. He also founded and leads the Ski & Snowboard Club.

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