Launching the Psychology Club

Even though I have never studied psychology academically, I have developed a strong interest in the subject because it scientifically explores the subtle, mystical, yet common mentality in our daily lives. When I learned that everyone could apply to open a club at George School, I joined several friends and established Psychology Club during my sophomore year. Our initial intention was simply to create a space for anyone who shares the same enthusiasm for psychology to learn and have fun together. Through learning psychology, we deepened our understanding of the internal ways of ourselves, which guided us to grow and change our external ways essentially.

During our biweekly meetings, we usually study experiments together and learn the knowledge behind them. For this year when our meetings were virtual, we learned psychology through movies and games. We also invited guest speakers in the professional field to share their experiences with us. No matter what level of knowledge people have for psychology, everyone could learn and gain something unique at the end of each meeting while having fun.

For people who want to further pursue their interest in psychology, the IB Psychology course at George School has also been a popular choice. There are class projects that engage the whole community each year, and people create a really supportive environment together by being volunteers.

Cecilia is a boarding student from Huzhou China and an International Student Mentor.

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