Transitioning to High School

I remember the feeling of anticipation before the start of freshman year. Everyone told me high school would hit me like a truck and that nothing could prepare me for it. I was shocked when my transition to high school was seamless.

There are a number of practices to ensure that every student has a transition as smooth as mine. A week prior to the start of school, George School offers a program called new student orientation, in which all new students get to meet one another and learn the basics about George School. Because everyone is in the same boat, the experience takes the pressure off and makes it effortless to make new friends. I remember having plenty of time to explore the nearly empty campus, and by the end of the week, I was confident in my ability to navigate to my classes.

All new students also take a course first term called “Essentials of a Friends Community,” which covers the basics of attending a Quaker school and settling into your first year at George School. The course helped me a lot with my understanding of school rules and the expectations for me.

When it came to the rest of my classes, I was surprised by the duality of academic rigor and warmth. The teachers at George School make it their mission to make every student feel welcomed and accepted.

Bella is a day student and a tour guide.

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