From writing to robotics, forensics to philosophy (sometimes at the same time) the curriculum at George School will challenge you, charm you, and change you.

George School teachers are brilliant, capable, quirky, committed, and engaging. When combined with students who are funny, open, skeptical, loving, and ambitious, you have an amazing atmosphere for learning.

on-academicsWe offer a wide range of small classes that focus on critical thinking, lots of AP courses, and modern resources like our solar-powered greenhouse. We are also one of a few U.S. boarding schools to offer the International Baccalaureate Program. This rigorous, comprehensive curriculum teaches you about the world while it challenges you—really challenges you—in subjects as diverse as Latin and calculus, photography and biology, literature and economics. An IB diploma even facilitates admission to university in Boston, London, Philadelphia, Paris, Palo Alto, Tokyo …

We also want your life to be healthy, creative, compassionate, engaged, learned, and global. It’s what we do here every day. We teach you to be proud and ambitious in the modern world while simultaneously, paradoxically, to be humble and to know your own smallness. We’ll even show you how to advocate for yourself—to play your own tune, compose it, dance to it, and share it (of course while listening to others’ harmonies as well).