Campus Life

High school years are important years—“formative years” people call them. At George School, you will invent yourself. And reinvent yourself.

You’ll join intriguing clubs (or even start one.) Have adventures on the weekends. And our assemblies will probably challenge your opinions and worldviews. (Starting with what you think about assemblies. No longer workshops in clandestine texting, George School assemblies are interesting, useful, even exciting.)

You’ll do all of this in a lovely place with cherry trees, robotics classes, and songs about how to excuse yourself (in an emergency!) from Quaker meeting.

Yes, this is a place where you can grow without looking over your shoulder. It’s a place where people (both classmates and teachers) care about you, challenge you, and nourish you.

Actually, you may be surprised about what feeds your needs around here. And we’re not talking about the food. (Though even that has an interesting tale.) The George School campus is a place where it’s quite normal to go to the Deans’ office to nibble on Gummi Bears, admire a 150+ Pez dispenser collection, and talk philosophy. It’s a place where dishing about pop icons is not half as interesting as debating human rights. And four square on Red Square is more fun than television.